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What type of storage is necessary for Voltmax batteries and batteries?

The batteries depend on an internal chemical reaction to produce energy. Chemical reactions are accelerated by high temperatures and retarded by low temperatures. The recommended storage conditions are 10 ° C (50 ° F) at 25 ° C (77 ° F) with a relative humidity not greater than 65 percent. Battery cooling is also unnecessary.
The following storage procedures are recommended to ensure the maximum power of the battery:

a. Rotation of stored inventory. Ensure that your customer receives the latest possible product by maintaining a “first-in-first-out” inventory rotation technique
b. Avoid storage in high temperature areas. Ensure that batteries are stored away from radiators, hot air fans, motors, and equipment that generate heat. Do not store batteries near windows where the heat of sunlight can heat them.

What is recommended for handling and transporting Voltmax batteries and batteries?

Batteries are vulnerable to short circuits if not
they are handled and transported properly. To avoid potential short circuits and damage to shipments, we recommend:
1) Always store the batteries in the trays and / or packages in which they were shipped (transported).
2) As much as possible, resend the batteries in their original trays and / or packaging.
3) General Precautions:
-Do not place or dispose batteries in driving surfaces, such as metal tables.
-Never send batteries in antistatic packaging or conductive foam
-Insulate metallic micrometers and calibrators with non-conductive tape, to avoid short circuits of the batteries during dimensional checks.

What care should we have with Voltmax batteries and batteries?

Like any electrical equipment, certain precautions must be taken in the handling and storage of the
1) Read the instructions of your equipment before installing the batteries.
2) Keep the batteries on clean surfaces.
3) Always replace all batteries at the same time. Mixing old and new batteries or different types (such as alkaline with zinc carbon) will reduce overall operation and may cause leaks
chemical or ruptures.
4) Remove worn batteries immediately from the equipment to prevent possible damage from chemical leaks.
5) Remove the batteries from the equipment when they are not considered to be used in a few months.
6) Never carry batteries in pockets or near metal objects, such as coins or metal clips. This will cause a short circuit in the battery and generate excessive heating.
7) Do not recharge alkaline batteries, or throw them into the fire, that could cause chemical ruptures or leaks.
8) Do not expose the batteries to water.
9) If the equipment is used or stored in extreme temperatures, always use alkaline batteries since their performance is much better than regular zinc carbon batteries under these conditions.


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